Farm by the Market, crazy talk I tell ya

Nobody seems to want to give anything a chance to develop anymore. From romances to rebuilds, there is an ugly false sense of urgency that ultimately going to leave us all permanently messed up. I’m sitting here with the morning paper and coffee and there is an article that caught my fancy. It details how the city of Buffalo is seeing fit to refuse an offer from a family to buy two acres of land near the Broadway Market and develop an urban farm.  Putting vacant land to use and maybe even yielding a potential merchant for the nearby struggling Broadway Market. Both of which could happen now. But our fair city is not in favor of that. Nothing and I mean nothing has happened in that area of Buffalo for a long time, which makes me wonder about their representation at city hall since he’s been over there for more than a little bit. For the city to stiff arm that family’s noble idea makes me crazy. Land gets put back to use by somebody who is willing to buy it, work and make something from in a part of town where there is not a whole lot of that going on. The city says no, because they MIGHT be able to resell to places like Habitat for Humanity. They might want to look at the lack of a demand now and be glad somebody has an interest. It frustrates me because anything that has proven to be a draw around here has happened largely in spite of the “leadership.” While our fearless leaders whore themselves out to the perennial cocktease that is a Bass Pro store, Elmwood, now Hertel and pockets of Grant are moving along because small groups of people put their minds & backs to work to make something happen.

Small things, sure, but they add up to big things. I guess I’m ranting a little, but hardly anything is instantaneous. Instant gratification is pretty rare, unless you have a cupcake from Delish handy. The experiences of the week, watching Sens. Thompson and Stachowski hand out staff raises and pocket stipends, while screwing the electorate further roused my thinking. These are two of dumbest men alive or evil geniuses. I’m not sure which. It reminds me of that actual political sentiment that I think I heard on the West Wing. “Never underestimate the power of a small group of dedicated people to change things, because they are the only ones who ever have.” Makes you crazy.

One of the women who has the dubious distinction of working for me was at a personal milestone. She is turning 30 tomorrow and spent Friday in a pre-birthday funk. Having breezed through 30 only to a full-sized MrMike hole in the the wall that is 40, I tried to tell her it was no big deal. The world throws enough obstacles at you so to bring on others seems a little silly. She was concerned that turning 30 meant the death of something. Can you imagine a world where we all acted our ages according to the stereotypes they demand? I’d be smoking a pipe and drinking high balls on a regular basis and I hate both. Don’t want to live in a Mad Men world, just like watching it once a week. She thought about that then her husband showed up to reveal the secret we’ve been keeping for almost four months. He called me to ask to turn her loose for a vacation week for this week. He showed up to take her home and pack as they were leaving for Costa Rica at 9:30. I was impressed. She had been missing the folks, so he arranged their travel to meet them in Costa Rica for breakfast saturday morning. I wish I had the means to do that, let alone the wherewithal. She was nearly hyperventalating trying to remember what needed done. I just smiled and kept repeating don’t worry about it.

I guess my point be is that the positive karma is there, you just can’t be in such a damn fool hurry to find it.


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