A Well-timed Swiss Roll can improve your outlook.

Thought I broke my connection before. I was downloading some music and things just stopped. Reset everything only to find out it was Time Warner’s fault. As a former reboot monkey, I am glad I was not on those phones for a couple of hours. I remember a few nights when thing broke that the list of waiting calls toppled 500. Gallows humor gets you through those situations.

Just dropped my son off at a birthday party where the main celebrant and his folks are strict vegans. I wonder if it is any consequence that I came home for lunch and immediately downed a double steak-um sandwich.

Got to get to the grocery store, but the bulk of North Buffalo is at Wegman’s at the moment so it will wait until the eldest is retrieved when the dust settles.

Thought about the hullaballoo about the Buffalo Bills and yesterday and discovered that I am devoid of opinion. There are those that for whom the NFL draft is one of the high holy days. I am not that guy.

I suppose that at age 45, you need to cut out a few things, but the occasional Swiss Roll can do wonders for a disposition, especially when there are no cookies in the house.

The lovely mother of my lovely children gave me props today. One of our church friends/acquaintances confided that her teenage daughter is afraid of their dad. Apparently my girls even gave voice to it being cooler if I lived a little closer. Yay for me. I think the friend’s problem is that the Dad is on his second family is late 60’s/early 70’s. Some age divides are too large to traverse. Guess I’m on the right track.

Got to get my paperwork in order to be able to go to Canada soon. It might be a time for a new picture as my current photo dates from the first Clinton administration. Liked the picture, but I think I’m aging decently and look better now.

Was in Barnes and Noble yesterday searching for the new book by Tom Robbins (It was a hoot hearing number one son mutter “B is for Beer” as we walked the aisles. Saw the new offering from ABC News’ Cokie Roberts. Cokie is looking an awful lot like David Bowie from the “Modern Love” era. Separated at Birth??

Trying to decide whether it is cooler to run up my charge bill on “The Soloist” tonight. Good excuse for popcorn.

If you ever needed an excuse.