“Dark of the Moon” – A workweek soundtrack

2 May

It has been a surreal week and I’m not sure if I can prove it, but I want to blame it on Pink Floyd. I was camped on front of VH-1 Classic last saturday and they showed a televised concert that Floyd did without Roger Waters in the mid 90s when they played the “Dark Side” in its entirety. It served as a reminder why everybody thought it was so cool to start with, as it is a pretty damn good piece of work. I jumped into my Itunes and burned a cd for the car.

I think leaving it there had a profound effect on my week. It is a musically marvelous record, but not an album that you would call “Feel Good.” It didn’t dawn on me to change cds till late Thursday. There was a sort of lethargy throughout the week and either it complimented the repeated airings of the “Great Gig in the Sky” or it was the other way around.

Each work day seemed to be about 15 hours long, even though they were their usual length. The unsettled weather made the offices stuffy and the feeling just got accentuated when you got into the car to drive home and “Us and Them” came from the car upon start up.

Thursday morning I got to work, found a space, grumbling about the hike to the office “while the lunatic was on the grass.” Turned out she was coming toward me. One of my ex’s least savory acquaintances was rolling toward me thanks to new weight that rendered her not immediately recognizable. Set the tone for a strange day. When I got back to the car, I was greeted by the familar screams.

Love the album, but I slept crappy this week and I think we need to get some Bruce back into the CD player.


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