Random notes to start off the week

The guy who okayed the flight of Air Force One over Manhattan should have been fired. If anything, they could have made that work, but announcing in the local media, that the plane would be flying low and bring out your cameras. With a little foresight, the anxiety level could have been a lot less.

Moved out of probably the only house I’ll ever own five years ago today. Things seemed to have worked out, but the gesture ignited a fog of uncertainty that seemingly took forever to dissipate.

Not real flush at the moment, but I am sorely tempted to leave work with ID’s in hand to make the jaunt to Toronto to see Bruce Springsteen. The mighty E Street Band and their fearless leader make appearances in the area  just when I need them most. No Buffalo date is scheduled yet. I don’t have a ticket for Toronto, but if I work up the nerve, I’m pretty sure I could get in. The community is like that. It would be some work, but it would no doubt be good for the soul.

Just got waylaid by three knuckleheads saying they don’t see any animals at the Zoo. This after they walked past elephants, sea lions, and river otters. “There is nothing here.” I tried to give directions or clarify that they were standing in front of an exhibit that is getting rebuilt, but they would have none of it and walked off. No helping some people. Be a great job if it wasn’t for the customers sometimes.

Hope the Cowboys are watching the Mets and Yankees to properly learn that expensive playpens can’t cover up a team’s real shortcoming.


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