The Highway is Alive Tonight…

When you ask people who their favorites singers, songwriters, might be. I doubt you get a really quotable answer.  There isn’t anything wrong with that. The person might just “do it” for you. And that can be a beautiful thing. I love a lot of different types of music, but I come back to a regular cadre of performers. At the top of that heap is Bruce Springsteen.

The albums come along at a nice clip and he appears in the region when my spirit can always use a boost. For, shit, 31 years, he’s been on my radar. I discovered “Darkness on the Edge of Town” and “Born to Run” at the same time. They became fixtures of my consciousness and never left. My best childhood bud and I took in the opening show of the Darkness tour and I never looked back.

I haven’t gone to as many shows as some fanatics I know. But I’ve gone to at least the right amount. I have enough bootlegs to keep me entertained in the interim, but the life-reaffirming soul that comes from that part political rally, part dance party, part call to arms, part “let’s ride” is spiritually renewing. People talk about the various communities that follow artists, from Deadheads to whatever, but the Springsteen cannon is one of the few that I know that works hard to make sure nobody is left behind. In 2008, when I was broke due to car repairs, a fellow member of EStCanada made sure my faith was rewarded at a Buffalo show. Walking into Darien Lake, a group of noble strangers feted with a fajita and a beer.

The man himself even gave me a “you da man” for getting a tossed harmonica directed back to its intended recipient.

I’m sure the drive up the Queen E and through customs would be worth it. Trust the art not the artist indeed. Well, the art can lift whole houses off the ground.

If the music is played well, nothing else matters. When the E Street Band cranks it up, the music is always played well.

Not always “fun” songs, but almost always triumphant, the experience gives a unique concert going high and sends me digging through my catalog to find some more live gems to keep the feeling of when the houselights come up as the band kicks into Born to Run–a nice set closer this time around. While the current album isn’t going to be one of my favorites, it has its’ moments. But the records are the starting points.

The economics of concert going have changed dramatically. If it was a Buffalo show, this wouldn’t be an issue, but the four hours of car ride by myself doesn’t fill me full of mirth, but the experience of the show almost makes it worth it.

Damn having to work in the morning 🙂


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