Stardate Sunday night blah blah.0

Made it to the new Star Trek movie yesterday at the Regal on Transit.

Made it to the new Star Trek movie yesterday at the Regal on Transit. I’ve never been an hardcore Trekkie or Trekker, just liked them in it’s-a-good-show-but-I-hope-to-meet-a-woman kind of way.  After some manic scrambling that goes along doing anything with a group, some of whom I never saw that day, I got in and can tell you that it meets the hype, is a lot of fun, doesn’t take the original too seriously and you’ll have a grand time. The Regal staff looked a little overwhelmed at the volume of people, which reminded me why this wasn’t one of my favorite haunts.

It was a minor victory for me as my son had wanted come with me, but I had the extra bonus of my lovely 14 year old daughter wanting to come with us. She wanted to come! Suck on that other WNY fathers! I don’t completely suck as a Dad. For that alone, I was going to come out ahead. There were some largely minor issues involving a potential IMAX screening. We settled for a later one and had an great time.

Got to indulge my inner sci-fi geek and be a cool Dad at the same time. Win-Win


4 thoughts on “Stardate Sunday night blah blah.0”

  1. I am glad to hear a) the the new movie lives up to the hype and b) your ability to actively parent is not (currently) in question. I’ll let you know when mine reaches that state.

  2. Next time try Fandango. I fought against trying an over-hyped service, but wanting some certainty viewing Dark Knight at IMAX, I tried it. It’s great, and now you can print tickets at home so a teenager doesn’t need to use your card in their machine at the show.

    (and thanks for the link!)

    1. Oh, I’ve used it and its obnoxious service charge before. Our tickets were being handled by somebody who didn’t make the Imax screening in time, so I cashed them in and went to a slightly later regular showing. Thanks for reading.

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