I got them old “put-upon customer” blues


Because I’m a good sort, I’ve been springing for the internet and cable at the house formerly known as mine. Makes me feel like I’m doing something for my fellow co-residents, part of the we are one big happy circle thing. Signed up for paperless billing. You’d think a big telecommunications conglomerate would be able to send an email. You’d think that wouldn’t be an issue. You’d think that failing that, they could get something in the actual mail in a timely manner, you’d think they would find a way to get in touch with you. If only, there was some kind of telephonic device that I could carry with me, that would permit us to talk…whenever they friggen need to. You’d think being the shameless capitalistic pigs that they are, they would want to talk to make sure the flow of funds kept a rolling.

Oh no, gentle reader, you’d be incorrect. Without word one to anybody, the darling system at the communications giant deprovisioned my former spouse’s modem. I arrive at my abode and discover a you will be disconnected on May 10th letter. Its arrival on the 11th makes it art. In their “defense,’ they wrote it on the 5th, apparently sitting on it for gestational sake for a few days.

Foolish mortals, with a wave of the credit card, my mighty trio and their lovely mom were able to connect back with the latest “What kind of comic book villiain are you” poll that might have appeared in their 9 hour absence from cyber space.

Which I guess is the latter day equivalent of “making it all better.”

It’s not often you get a round of cheers from two blocks away.


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