T.O. in the B-Lo

I usually enschew the big debates of talk radio, especially sports talk radio as the socratic wisdom is a little wanting. I have to admit. I like the hoopla surrounding Terrell Owens joining the Buffalo Bills.

For the bulk of this decade, the Bills have been bland. One publication referred to them as neither good or bad, just there. I’d be hard pressed to disagree. Any good vibes lit by last year’s 5-1 start were quickly extinguished by the collapse that followed. Made it hard to be a football fan. Yet, we all still went, watched and debated. I thought about the people who wanted rid of Dick Jauron. I thought who could you talk into replacing him? Bill Cowher ain’t coming up the 90 anytime soon.

Now, I really don’t pretend to know what Ralph Wilson’s grand plan is for his passing. I don’t think Toronto is going to be the Bills next home. It is a little interesting to consider that the last year’s game was greeted with disinterest. Now, Rogers Communications wants to look at more, supposedly. I say this because play on the field (as bad as it was at times) was overshadowed by the goings on in the front office.

Got to admit, as marketing strategies go, signing T.O. was genius. The signing got people talking football and away from the coaching catastrophes and future relocation. Despite being 7-9 for the third straight year, the Bills are reaching a high for season-ticket holders and demand is pretty high.

Signing T.O. at least as people talking football again. The possibility that the Bills might have some in game personality instead of off season rap sheets does make me want to make sure I’m doing nothing the night the season opens with them on national tv against the Patriots. T.O’s trevails have been well documented and I guess I don’t really care. I still remember his game as a 49er when after a touchdown, he strutted to the Cowboys logo at midfield to pose, riling up a Cowboy safety.

His presence turned Philly around before things went south. He was a good influence on the Cowboys before things went to hell last season. He’s got a one year gig with the Bills and wants to show’em. Should be fun. I’ll have my popcorn ready.

If Trent Edwards recovers his early season mojo, Fred doesn’t let the contract slow him down, and if T.O. and Lee Evans can get along, it should be a good time. I don’t believe they are going anyplace yet, but you know for once, the Bills won’t be accused of being dull.

But not exciting enough to make me want to usher a game again.


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