I resent knowing who Jon and Kate are.

The only TLC show I catch with any regularity is “American Chopper.” It is essentially the same show everytime out, with different bikes, same arguments, people doing well financially but as Louis CK put it: “Everything is amazing, but nobody is happy.” The “Jon & Kate plus 8” show has been assaulting our collective senses for the same reason as either “Jon” or “Kate” strayed and now their happy life underwritten by TLC is on the rocks. I”m a little alarmed I know that much. The fact that it is so covered in all the tabloids, near tabloids and gossip.dot.coms probably has the marketing department at the former Learning Channel giggling with delight.

Went with number one son to the sequel to Night at the Museum and found it blah. It was a good excuse to go to the movies and eat popcorn. We’ve had an impressive run of blockbusters in recent weeks, and while we smartly went for the matinee this time, it didn’t do a whole lot for me. Hank Azaria saves it in his various roles. Me? I think a return trip to Star Trek might be in order.

Said number one son made my weekend today when he asked to have a catch & said it just that way. Made my day.

Rediscovered the lost art of napping. In a light breeze, felt great. It killed my urge to bike ride, but my mood improved immeasureably.


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