Show your support for Supreme Court Nominee, Judge Sonia Sotomayor

asks an entry into my home email account.

That’s well and good. This innocent bystander has been bemused by the scramblings since the announcement. She got appointed by the smarter President Bush and seems to have a pretty fair record on the bench. It’s just funny watching the republican figure heads figure out how to “gear up” for this confirmation (Are we gearing up because it wasn’t your idea folks?). The abortion folks are prepping because little has been of her Roe v. Wade stance, which I don’t know as of this writing. Here’s a thought, start the hearing and ask questions and respect the answers. More to life than blather with Sean Hannity. Why fight when we can talk, like adults & everything.

For year’s the icon for me of the Mayor’s Impact Team was a van that was stripped of it wheels on blocks outside of City Hall. Now, that changed to a speeding pickup down Elmwood this morning with a driver who flipped me off as he didn’t signal while cutting me off pointlessly. Is there ever a point to a cut off?

But wait, gentle reader, that was just an omen of things to come. I know why healthcare costs keep spiraling. It’s the adequacies of the insurance companies. I quit my job with a telecommunications giant two years ago and my children are covered currently under their lovely mother’s policy. Her policy believes mine is still in affect. Mine, unbeknownst to me, apparently was active until last month. It’s a given that the telecommunications giant was sloppy when it came to such things. Apparently both insurers are as well. The actual insurer believes they are in charge by they want to pretend that 2008 isn’t their issue because of that imagined conflict. I have to go back to the first company and get them to write some kind of notice that their coverage ceased in 2007. Gads!

While I’m at it, what sort of jackass uses the apartment building laundry and forgets a load and holds everybody up? Pay attention, southwing guy. If it wasn’t for the kids clothes, I wouldn’t have let him back in. I got two loads done before he mealymouthed his story about children needing the clean clothes for tomorrow. So do I, jerkoff, so do I.

My former spouse was featured on the local news tonight on the pro side of gay marriage. It was a largely positive thing, except for the family was referred to as of two moms. Hi, still here, more than just a sperm donor thanks. I’m an enlightened hetero, just a little credit where credit is due please. And the partner isn’t pretending to be mom part duex. Thanks inadequate reporter!

Thank god it was payday


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