Religon, gay marriage, and true prophets

After watching a piece explore gay marriage on Western New York, largely because it feature my lovely son and his mother, I started following the forum on the station’s website. If any of those yahoos took a shot at my boy or his gay mom, I wanted to see about it so I could slam said yahoo back into place.

It’s funny as how fast it ignored the gay marriage issue and turned into a digital screaming match about how religion and state interact, how the state decides marriage law, how one faith rules all. There were some interesting thoughts and a lot of pentacostal nonsense.

Made me think back to old brother George. The following is a lovely bit that aptly sums the silliness and inconsistency of any discussion where the participants have trouble figuring out why faith should always be a personal thing. I’ll keep mine to myself and you do likewise.

You go, George


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