I know what did in GM

When I was car shopping around this time last year, I didn’t have a set criteria other than reliable transportation. I didn’t need to have THE car, just wanted a car that would be nice to me. I actually dispensed with looking at particular models in favor of looking for price ranges and sizes.

I got myself a 2000 Grand AM. It was very clean, fun to drive and I have been very happy with it. But it is the little things. A headlight bulb burnt out last fall. In most cars, that is a quick job. In the Grand Am, you have to unbolt a plastic cover, undo two separate bolts which allows the entire assembly to come forward. Coordinating all this does require a couple of special wratchet bits and a little yoga training. I think the crux is that it is supposed to be taunting enough that you will take your car to a GM repair guy to make it go.

I think that particular circle of life is what has them in the trouble they are in. Toyota doesn’t make you do that. Sure, americans need to buy american cars, but american cars also need to be worth buying. That, thankfully is becoming the case, but not fast enough.

That said, I like my grand am a lot.

Never thought I’d say that.


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