Biker Gangs, fun runners & elephant prints!oh, my!

Still tired from it all. Well, dear reader, it is like this. Physically, (and sometimes by necessity, I have had to be a really early morning person and it isn’t sitting well.

During a recent day of double promotion, I had to stare down actual bikers, take crap about a commercial that doesn’t exist, run a few miles across the grounds as well as take my part in the Eugene O’Neill drama that is my parents and sister living together under one roof. The bikers were a piece of cake by comparison. Events are funny things. It is kind of like traveling. You stand around a lot alternating with periods of moving all over the property at as a high of rate of speed as was possible.

There are some oddities, watching people and their sense of entitlement to things they knew nothing about. I watched as one woman who paid nothing to come, wasn’t charged a thing, was all set to go tear off the head of some restaurant employee in search of the parking token she believed she so richly deserved. People will have self-inflicted anuerisms over the littlest thing. A letter in my email box gripes over the lack of free ice cream, when we specified when the free ice cream was to be given away. Went to my folks house at the end of the day feeling like Methusalah.

Woke up the next morning with designs on the parade and my fatigue was hard to conceal as the splife offered to take the boy home early, provided I went home and napped. Don’t have to tell me twice. I plopped on the couch and promptly checked out for three hours.

New man today: got the car inspected, picked up the dry cleaning, filled out the paperwork for passport card and booklet, washed the vehicle and enjoyed the coffee much more since I was at my own brewer. Good way to start the week. I may yet just thrive.


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