The Complaint Department

13 Jun

If you ever wonder why people are disinclined to vote, I believe those folks received validation in the form of the New York State Senate. As a moderate democrat, I like to think I see both sides, but this is ridiculous. While the democratic senators pout and act like petulant fifth-graders, the republicans are playing a glorified version of “King of the Castle.” Neither is doing anything remotely resembling the people’s business. Nobody’s looking to lead, change the nature of a government hellbent on getting the very last drop of blood from the stone. Talk about a bunch a people who need smacked with a big bag of hammers.

Wish it was possible for a government bail-out because our state senate is run worse than GM.

In other news, I’ve had it up to here with the race for this, the fun run for that, the 5K for rectal itch, you name it. The race organizers seem to think the city has three streets and the course help doesn’t know the route either. I was trying to take my daughter to work this morning down one street, was told to take another, when I got to the end of that, was told to turn around to go back where we started. I realize it is the only time you get folks into the city, but how about a little consideration for city lifers and spread this grab out a little, puhleeze??

Been down Elmwood at Forest three separate times today, each time there was some butthead who couldn’t remember to get out of the right lane so they could keep traveling on Elmwood, and they HAD to challenge everybody who remembered?

Lest you think I’m too high and mighty gentle reader, after hitting the ATM by Bidwell, thinking I was free and clear, I pulled right in front on an SUV who thankfully was too oblivious to me.

It’s Allentown weekend and once again, the stuff around the Art Festival is cooler than the items in the Art Festival. You’d think the Art Association would embrace the positive vibe and not be such hypocrites when it came to music and the merchants in the area, that way a big party could get spread out as it grew.



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