Promise of a New Day 1-20-09

One of the beautiful things of having relatives smack in the middle of DC is you can select your historical moments without a whole lot of advance planning. I know this is a little after the fact, but I just found this file of pictures on my pc. With the inauguration of President Obama, the lovely mother of my lovely children hatched the notion to take our guys down to the fun. I got to ride shotgun. Given their racial makeup, it was a once in a lifetime thing. Given a horrifying ride down the night before, I was ready for a little lackidasical adventure. Essentially, we walked a few blocks and were in Obamastock. It was fun to just see all the hullabaloo. We didn’t struggle to get into certain places. Things just seemed to happen all Ferris Bueller like, just right into place. The feeling of hope made everybody friends. After eight years of Washington induced fear, it was a beautiful thing to see the city (both of them) so friendly. Coverage of the day is for the tv networks Christmas, Hannukah and your parents getting divorced in the same day as they pulled out all the toys. It was a good day to ignore that and savor the actual moment.



My Eldest and Youngest having more fun in front of the Department of the Interior than is usually permitted.












Our hero, trying not freeze celebrating democracy

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