That was the week that was…

It’s been some surreal days….

My office was the driving force behind a black-tie fundraiser last friday. I think it may have cured me from any public speaking fears ever, as I modeled both a rug and a canoe for a crowd of 500 people. Most of them were rather disinterested and more concerned with their wine glass content but even still. The things you take for the team. I did my best “Vanna White” with both objects within the context of a live auction. That unnatural picture set the tone for an odd week to be sure.

We do an “Earth Day” promotion every year around this time to avoid the unpredictable April weather in Western New York. The reward for such precaution to see an example of all kinds of earth weather, currently raining as I write this. The time honored equation of thinning hair and fat rain drops is its own waterboarding. I confess, already.

Great confluence of events at work has skewed my playtime. I’m ready to return to my regularly scheduled stuff and go on the sunday morning kayak tour, but circumstances conspire to keep me landlocked. Next week, a sea lion birthday party. The price of showbiz!

Did I mention the new digs? Events again conspired but at least in a good way, as I got out of the closet that I was in and into a space that has windows, a whole wall in fact. I can stop staring into space and start staring into Delaware Park. Never has a mac guy been so glad for windows.

It’s the little things that keep you going sometimes.


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