That cloud has a face

The very sudden rains, lightening and thunderstorms that blanketed the area were so animated it reminded me of the old Warner Brothers cartoons where the storm clouds turned into angry faces wreaking havoc on a scene. It does an atmosphere good, losing the humidity and giving everything a complete cleansing.

That said, I hope it rains inside the State Senate chamber. Given that the recent budget battle was difficult at best, the fact that the entire Senate is content to continue bickering at tax payer expense is gobsmacking. That Dale Volcker would have the nerve to go on television and talk down New York State residents and how we can’t possibly understand the issues left me with the conclusion that anything is better than what we have. If Elmer Fudd is running against my incumbent, he’s got my vote. Gov. Paterson finally issued an order to get to work, which may or may not stick. My question is what the hell took him so long.

My boss designated me to go Buffalo Spree’s party a few weeks ago. The party is tonight. I thought I couldn’t go due to a graduation. Turns out the graduation isn’t necessary, which sucks. Not all pronounced grown ups are


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