Okay, my knees just got a little weak…

For all the wrong reasons. I’m fascinated by heights but increasing petrified by them. I’ve gone up in towers, office buildings, and what not. Go ahead and judge, but this might inspire the willies.

The marketing geniuses at the Sears Tower got this thing built. I think I would be more comfortable if it wasn’t an afterthought

Sears two

That’s the view on Wacker Drive between your feet in the new great, glass non-elevator appended onto the side of the tower. That’s provided your breakfast stays in its original location.

Sears picI guess it is a sign I’m getting older. One of the other photos had a young girl maybe, five years old laying on the floor of the thing. Lord knows what all the media tracked in, seriously, can you imagine being the poor bastard on windex detail? Sears’ paper towel budget just tripled. I can imagine the viewing, probably beats Rockafeller Center, since it is higher, and you don’t see New Jersey from any direction.

My luck I’d be a mile in the sky, only to have a literal bird’s eye view of my own car getting broken into.

And so it goes.

Yeah, I’d look, be a fool not to 🙂


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