Things not to be seen in Lycra

I got on my bike for the first time this summer yesterday.  I didn’t want to get too carried away since it had indeed been awhile. I wasn’t out to set any land speed records, just wanted to get a little exercise. The rest of the weekend felt a little sedentiary by comparison. I have no idea how far I go, never checked.

Given the lack of Sunday traffic in the city of Buffalo, I headed out down Delaware Ave, headed downtown. Now, I’m not one for the cycling regalia. I do wear a helmet, which makes me look like the Great Gazoo, but a regular t shirt and shorts serves me just fine.

I mention that because not everybody should try to dress like Lance. They don’t give you a yellow jersey for making good time around the Aud wreckage. Doesn’t stop a few folks for attempting the look. Like I said, I get out once in a while for fun and in the case of yesterday, getting my nerve back in the crazy lanes.

I figure a man of my proportions (6’2, 240) should probably know his limitations and I think I do when it comes to fashion choices. Apparently, I might be an island in that particular ocean. After making a turn around Exchange St, and working my way back up Washington, I spotted a similar proportioned individual who was geared up. All he was missing was corporate sponsorship and the good sense not to stuff the belly into the spiderman bike top. Looked like Peter Parker let himself go a little.

Not that I’m a matinee idol, but I think my loose fitting Springsteen t-shirt made me look a little more palatable. Something to be said for not looking like licorice toothpaste ready to escape the tube.

Made me laugh to see somebody so concerned with accessorizing that he’s behind a little in the exercising department. It’s always nice to get a sign that you are on the right path. It’s that those signs are sometimes not always what you might think.


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