“The Old Guy is cranking the Dave Matthews.”

Such was the impressed observation from a late teen upon my Grand Am coming to a stop at Elmwood and Forest on Friday night. Guess I was relaxing a little. Nothing wrong with filling your car with a traveling soundtrack. But, not so loud it invaded other cars too much. I like my speakers just fine, but I didn’t need to show them off. It was just conducive that “Funny the Way It Is” happened to waft to the sidewalk. Dude should wait till Thursday in the Square this week when George Clinton comes to town. We’ll see if “Uncle Jam” truly wants me.

By request, number one son and I were headed to Voelker’s to bowl a few games. I had not done that in some time, but for whatever reason, I always enjoyed that, the quintessential WNY sport. Guess it is the anybody can do it possibility and the fact that despite the funny shoes you could sit down periodically.

My boy was in fine feddle, making a quick discovery as to how to moonwalk in his bowling shoes, to better enhance his post roll celebration. I did okay 128, 131, 130, not bad for somebody who does this once every couple of years. This kid however is a tough task master, as game 1 came to a close, he was all over the reset button to start the next one. No time for drinks or potty breaks. How could I educate about important notices like beer frames (Okay, he’s 11, but knowledge is power after all). I worked up a bit of a sweat keeping up with him. Repairing to Dairy Queen for a post-kegling treat seemed the height of civility.

Seemed like a good way to set him on the road for his camp stretch. Next four weeks he’s punching the clock somewhere including time at my office’s camp. He had an overnight on Saturday and when I went to pick him up, it was a glimpse into the future. Everybody was looking a little bedraggled, but not so much they weren’t already giving the Lego Batman a workout on the pc.

And just like that, it’s time to go to work.


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