Some Midweek Bullet Points

–Disgusted by the deal breaking between MSNBC and Fox in regards to Olbermann and O’Reilly. It’s been a sore point with me how spineless the media has been in recent years. Now, to find out corporate giants are self-censoring for reasons passing understanding is just demoralizing.

–Did we really need Creed to get back together?

–I’ve been following the health care debate with some interest and while we are drowning in soundbites, no coherency has made it out to us regular folks. I think I have my pulse on the root of the problem. It’s certainly not the health care professionals. I had what turned out to be a minor issue last year and the pros took care of me quickly, but processing the paperwork was huge. The administering is where the problem lies. It’s taken me the better part of six months to get things clarified on my kids dental policy. Finally heard the telltale soundings of claims being reprocessed this morning.

–All praises to President Clinton for freeing the reporters in North Korea. Jokes about the plane ride home are almost too easy to make.

–Paula Abdul’s departure from American Idol only means there is the increased possibility of her turning up on a show I watch.

–The Buffalo Sabres are officially taking me for granted. I’ve been a fan forever and not resigning Andrew Peters and Max Afinigenov doesn’t feel like a top to bottom review in my book. I’ll show them, I’ll continue to not be able to afford to go a game. That will teach them.

–This is the third full summer the Holiday Inn on Delaware Ave. stopped doing their pool club. It had to be such easy money. A family could pay $275.00 and swim all you wanted when the pool was open. They stopped, guess the extra income was troublesome. If towels were an issue, they could not supply them, charge a little less and still make out like bandits. Rational thought doesn’t apply there either.

–Omar Minaya owes me an apology. Fellow Mets fans will understand. The Bisons are hard to watch, but Paul McCartney was the last guy to have multiple hits at Citifield.


4 thoughts on “Some Midweek Bullet Points

  1. Not sure what to say about the Sabres other then I can’t understand how the Mini Packs work but I would like to go to about 4 games this Year 2 of of those games are the Penguins in December.

    I know a lot of people don’t like Creed. I like them but hope Alterbridge Keeps making music, they are a good band and have a different sound then Creed.

    The Clinton thing is a shocker to me. If Hillary went that I would get. But what is Bill he doesn’t work for like the government or anything?

  2. RE: “my pulse on the root”: George Orwell and I want to know if one can have one’s pulse on the root of a problem? You can have your finger on the pulse of the problem, you can have dug down to the root of the problem, you can call me Ray …

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