Suddenly free and easy

For the past six years or so, my former spouse takes our daughters to Michigan Women’s Music Festival. The girls bemoan it, but I think secretly that is part of their act. They like the freedom and the time bonding with mom away from the distractions of life. The upside of this for me is (easy jokes aside) that our mighty lad comes and bunks with me while they are gone.

I’m not ashamed to admit it, that is pretty great too. When this first occurred I grumbled a little bit since what vacation time I had got a little boxed in, but since I finally have a good employer, it’s been pretty cool too. We get to hang out, relax, get caught up on missing blockbusters, eat a little more junk than usual, and in his words, “work really hard at being lazy.”

I had to work a little, so he went to Zoo camp while I was working, but we’ve been able to have some fun in spite of those hurdles. We were even contemplating a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame jaunt till I realized that it was the Pro Football Hall of Fame weekend and most Cleveland area hotels are beholden to the NFL through Tuesday. That can wait, in the interim, it’s Harry Potter, Bodyworlds, a little Pizza, G.I. Joe, the beach, and maybe a little more Pizza.

Pretty great.

My mom-in-law asked if he could come tonight for an overnight to help her with my three year old terror of a nephew, which he accepted. That threw me into something completely unexpected for the week or so: free time.

As pleasant as this time frame is, (we hung out in front of Comfort Zone with root beer and people watching after camp), that is a nice bonus too.

Now, what to do.


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