Jerry Seinfeld was right when it comes to sports…

We are all just rooting for laundry. As soon as a guy takes off the right shirt, we hate him. The only added variable to this is if our guys look silly. This might be part of the problem with the Sabres. In an effort to take part of the easy money grab, they rolled out something that looks like Barney Rubble’s hairdo instead of the Buffalo and crossed swords held in reverence around this parts.

The Bills have similar issues. They redesigned themselves at the beginning of the Tom Donahue/Drew Bledsoe era and have looked a little funky (in a bad way) ever since. A few years ago, they introduced a light blue jersey (for part of the NFL money grab that is merchandising) and I’ll readily admit to falling for it. It was meant to pay heed to when the Bills were, you know, good and it was such an improvement of the dark blue mismatched striped exercises our guys wear now. Those coincidentally say “CFL” in my eyes.

Last night, they introduced the “away” jersey equivalent for the NFL calls “legacy games,” for when old AFL teams meet up. NFL preseason is a little tough to watch as you hope the stars don’t get hurt, backups emerge, and the future AFL stars show their stuff. Being a less that thorough fan, I don’t pay them much heed till we get a little closer to the regular slate. I did tune in a little last night to see what the Bills looks like for a series. They lost, but they looked good doing it.


It’s probably wrong for me to want one, but I do.


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