50 artists/bands seen live

This is one of those Facebook thingys making the rounds, but since we are talking about bands and great concerts I helpfully dive right on in.

1. Bruce Springsteen at Shea’s Buffalo in 1978, first show of his tour, first in a still thriving category in my live collection. (Many more times after this first one)

2. Rush at the Aud, 1979 — my first taste of that feeling the Aug forced on your ears after a show.

3. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, 1980, Night 2 of a three night stand in Buffalo (People actually played multiple nights in Buffalo, imagine)

4. The Kinks, 1981 — legends didn’t come this way often

5. Electric Light Orchestra, 1981 — my long time guilty pleasure band

6. Aerosmith, 1981, Stage One, it paid to know the bouncer

7. J. Geils Band, 1981, in Kleinhans Music Hall

8. The Who, 1982, Rich Stadium

9. U2, 1983, Shea’s buffalo (again in 87 at the Aud)

10. REM, 1983, Rooftops, Buffalo

11. Psychedelic Furs, 1983, Rooftops, Buffalo

12. Kenny Loggins, 1983, St. Bonaventure

13. Crosby, Stills and Nash, 1983, Buffalo

14. The Romantics, 1984, St. Bonaventure

15. Genesis, 1983, Buffalo

16. Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark, 1984, Rooftops

17. Santana, 1984, Darien Lake

18. UB40, Darien Lake

19. New Order, Darien Lake

20. The Roches, Tralfamdore Cafe

21. New York Dolls, Towne Ballroom

22. Todd Rundgren, Connecticut Street Armory

23. Tuck and Patti, Tralf

24. The Ramones, Uncle Sam’s Niteclub, Cheektovegas, NY (1 x more at Fredonia State)

25.Sting, Darien Lake

26.Tracy Chapman, Darien Lake

27. Eric Clapton, The Aud

28. Steve Miller, Rich Stadium

29. The Grateful Dead, Rich Stadium

30. Dave Matthews Band, Darien Lake (4x more after this)

31. Lenny Kravitz, Shea’s Buffalo

32. Inxs, North Park Theater

33. Asia, The Aud

34. Tori Amos, Shea’s Buffalo

35. Peter, Paul and Mary, Shea’s Buffalo

36. Phil Collins, The Aud

37. B.B. King, Kleinhans

38. Buddy Guy, Buffalo Waterfront

39. Robert Randolph and the Family Band, Lafayette Square

40. George Clinton, Parliment/Funkadelic, Lafayette Square

41. Goo Goo Dolls, Niagara Square

42. Ani DiFranco, Niagara Square

43. Great Train Robbery, Elmwood Arts Festival

44. Them Jazzbeards, Elwood Arts Festival

45. Utopia, Tralf (I know I said Todd Rundgren earlier, but this was billed as a Utopia show, so it’s different.

46. The Pixies, the Aud (opened for REM, my third REM show)

47. Billy Bragg, UB

48. Shriekback, Buff State

49. Institute, HSBC Arena, opening for U2

50. Norah Jones, Darien Lake, opening for Dave Matthews

There were a few multiples in there and I’m forgetting plenty (wonder how that happened) but these came to mind first


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