I cover the Waterfront

One of the more fascinating parts of town for me is the Bird Island Pier at the foot of Ferry Street. I think the pier itself is something like almost two miles out and another two back (don’t quote me). That area is such a microcosm of possibility and decay jockeying for the same space. You can find gasp inspiring beauty and acid inducing nausea often not too far apart, sometimes just a little adjacent from the rapid moving water on the river side.

That said, I like the walk, despite the yahoos who insist on bringing a bike on the narrow pathway. It felt just to get out for the walk the other night. I posted a bunch of photos on facebook afterwords, but the place still makes you wonder, from the snack bar building that never seems to be open, to the many fisherman to the kids swimming on the canal side.


There are some parts where it looks almost inviting to tumble right in and float away, other sections like you shouldn’t touch for all the lil’ rubber booties in Gowanda.





Course you then have to make the walk back.


It’s always faster if you can hitch a ride. I think that was the Miss Buffalo in the distance.


And as always…


It’s both good for body and spirit.


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