Monday Morning Mental McNuggets

Some thoughts for a monday while the caffeine in settling in.

It used to be you had to register under a political party to guarantee yourself a voice in primary elections. As I strongly considered saying the hell with it and becoming an independent, it dawned on me that with party chairman like Len Lenihan annointing candidates like he does, the process is getting screwed. You’d think they would adher to endorsing the guy who wins the primary. Instead, announcements come out and guys who might shake things up like Michael Kearns are knee-capped financially before anything gets rolling.

Has there been a social networking workshop that hasn’t been complete nonsense? I actually have respect for guys who run them as they have found a way to spend too much time on the internet cloaked in knowledge? The line between Dork and Consultant gets that much finer.

Heard a U2 concert recording from this tour and it sounds like their hearts aren’t in it yet. The music was played well enough, just not exactly a overabundance of soul in the performing. Hope that changes as they get ready to come this way.

I’m a happy guy as “Top Gear” starts its new season tonight. It’s a british car show (for the uninitiated) whose hosts stock answer for every car issue is to repair to the pub. Along with Anthony Bourdain, Mondays are looking good for television, which is good because it is so hot out, I fell asleep during the “Mad Men” premiere last night.

I’m in the only industry possible to successful connect a yard full of tigers with wireless internet and have that be a successful day as opposed to a “WTF?” moment.

The best meetings have cookies involved, so even when nothing of any real substance gets discussed, there are cookies afterwards to share with colleagues.


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