Inglourious Basterds

20 Aug

A colleague of mine complained that he sees President Obama “constantly campaigning.” He’s pretty much an arch-conservative and I respect that, so I’m never going to change his mind, but he has a point. Where we disagree is that I think it’s a great thing to see our leader talking to us, explaining what he wants to do.

Too many of our representatives are scared to talk about the Health Care Plan with anyone but each other. The Buffalo News correctly pointed out that only a southern tier legistator has else any kind of “town meeting” locally to talk about the possibilities of Health Care Reform. Because everything pertaining to health care is an understandably hot button issue, there have been some impassioned exchanges, protests and near brawls. I think a lot of that comes from not many people actually talking. As usual there is a lot of bluster, soundbite posing, but a dearth of people actually talking to us and telling us what is being entertained.

I used to be a bit of news junkie but the current lack of backbone among the electronic press might save the newspaper, so I’m all for the President getting out there and bypassing the incestuous Fox/MSNBC relationship and speaking to the people.

As one of my favorite fictional characters wondered “What could be better than seeing our leaders talk to us?” The southern tier legislator scored points with both sides just showing up. It’s good for people to talk instead of drawing imagined conclusions. It’s also really good politics.


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