Monday, Monday

Sean Hannity and Sarah Palin??? running for something??? You mean they aren’t casting for Dumb and Dumber ll: the Wrath of Khan.

Speaking of which, this might be the best facebook status update ever: “is taking his Doctor, his Chief Engineer, his Science Officer, 1 maybe 2 expendable crewmen, and then beaming down to the Planet for a look around…” wish I’d thought of it.

Helluva way to start the week, with two Buffalo Firefighters not emerging from a fire on Genesee Street. The police circulate a bumper sticker about pay them like your lives depend on it. The firemen back that up. Your heart can’t help but ache for all at scenes like that including the off-duty folk and the press covering it. Having the mayor and his mobile podium show up doesn’t ease the hurt.

The impending Bills season is filling me with almost no anticipation at all. Pre-season goes on for way to long, but what we’ve seen so far doesn’t exactly warm any cockles.

If it is truly the season where the grown ups can get to the movies once more, why am I most looking forward to the new Mike Judge movie along with Funny People. I think Inglorious Basterds may have to happen quickly too.

If loving the Wegmans dark chocolate minicake is wrong, I’ve lost interest in being right.

Is it truly a “Health and Wellness Fair” when I nearly get pneumonia from standing in the torrential rain? More to the point, why does every vendor feel compelled to stop and chat about the rain. I know it is raining from the uniform shirt I had on weighing 50 pounds. No poncho would have helped.

Traveling for work later this week to a truly uninteresting destination, my biggest concern is for my car. I want it to have a good time.

This will be one of those trips that I can justify the 8000 songs on my Ipod as the Silver Comet has no CD changer.

Not a casino guy, but I suspect the people watching will be a treat.


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