My dad used to travel for work quite extensively. Now, I realize that for every cool sounding destination like London, there were quite a few Denton, Texas journeys. You could do worse as those folks do have the Ponder steakhouse. Some of these jaunts sounded like adventures

Me? My travels got off to a good start thanks to the American Booksellers Association shows. Being underwritten by a tight fisted employer took some of the anticipation away from it. That is a trade show so huge only a handful of cities can host it.

Of late, let’s say it hasn’t been a glamourpuss type of experience. Made it to my first convention in my current vocation, the location being Milwaukee, which looks a lot like Buffalo, just has the lake on the wrong side. Oh, and instead of sueing each other, they’ve at least built some stuff. I get the nod this week to head to Verona, NY for the New York State Travel Expo. The area has permanently scarred members of my immediate family.

The whole show is based in that den of excess, the Turning Stone Casino.


I’m staying at the decidely less uppity Inn down the road. At least in my car, I can ration the snacks instead of some attendent telling me he is out of the blue chips. It’s a bit of a fools errand as any direct business is unlikely, but hopefully we might creep into some travel agents‘ consciousness.

I’m not a big casino guy, but I would imagine the people watching should be quite spectacular. As people head West into greater Syracuse for a big city, there might not be much else to write home about.


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