Monday vibes…

I’m not on vacation, but I’d like to be. The rest of my clan and their mom have headed up to a Canadian Cottage to see off the rest of the summer on the beach. A very sensible plan, but I’ve been doing a little house sitting in a sense, stopping by to feed animals and make sure what’s out is out and what is in stays in. Given an earlier attempted break in back in the spring, any passersby were treated to the sight of me 15 feet in the air tonight, repairing a backyard floodlight to help keep the near do wells away.

Heights don’t bother me when I have something to actually stand on, but extending a ladder as far as it can go and climbing up to that step can make you pray to the c-clamp gods quicker. One could bruise both tuckus and dignity in one swell foop.

Oozing virtue from my task, I repaired to Spot for a Blackberry Italian Soda. I wound up parking close to Lafayette and as I was walking down to Spot, a young couple was slightly ahead of me in the same direction where the woman dropped some money on the ground. I saw it immediately and called out to them in front of the Co-op. They were very pleasant and catching them with what was probably going to cover their dinner bill at Brodo made me feel like a good guy for a bit. I mused a little in my facebook status and received this bon mot from a beautiful soul:

“I have a treat for you. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Take long, deep breathes, again and again, as you hear a soft voice in the depths of your being reminding you that you are a good man, that you are seen by people you respect as a man of honor, that you are deserving of all good things. Ground yourself in that feeling and trust that you can come back to it any time you want to.
Peace Michael Powers”

By a treat, I meant a dessert or dinner made by someone who is not me, but I guess that inner self confidence and renewal can work in a pinch too.


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