Bad Luck Streak in Dancing School

Joe Wilson revealed himself to be a real twit. Yelling “You Lie” during the President’s speech the other night was the second most childish thing to happen in the news this week. The first being the hullaballoo about the President talking to school kids. I have a hard time fathoming that, remembering by sent to classes to hear Nixon for pete’s sake. The whole week makes me think there is some truth in Maureen O’dowd’s column in today’s New York Times.

Not sure what to make of the whole Mickey Kearns vs. Bryon Brown dustup. I went to a function and Kearns did listen to one of my long held gripes that what is working in the city is largely in spite of City Hall. I came away certain of only that the Irish Times knows how to properly pour a pint. The whole scene reminded me of a scene in “The West Wing,” where President Bartlett maintained that the one thing government can do well is collect money then put it back out in the community. First guy to have that attack of common sense can have my vote. I am a little bumfuzzled at our current leader who went confronted with a question, concern, etc, his first reaction is to disavow any knowledge of the incident. That just ultimately breeds suspicion and eventually even contempt. Either case, Kearns’ suprisingly strong polling as made it an entertaining race. Thanks for that Carl.

I’m thinking good thoughts for an ailing friend.

A week of meetings, essential and otherwise has otherwise fried me. I’ve spent the first part of the morning with coffee and ironing. Tomorrow, I sleep to better get my mojo working for Tuesday. Enjoy opening day, everybody as Tom Brady will force home some harsh realities on us Western New York Football fans tomorrow night.

Things have to be looking up. I have dibs on a Springsteen ticket.