Midweek musings

16 Sep

I’m not obsessing about Leodis McKelvin. Yeah, he gave the Monday night game away, but at the end of the day, that’s it. He didn’t run over your puppy, he made a poor choice and sure as hell didn’t need to have his home vandalized because of it.

I’m sure Terrell has spoken to him.

What was Jorge Posada thinking the other night in Toronto? Yanks have the East sewn up. Don’t get your aging self hurt in a fight that only unified the Blue Jays.

I’m not kvetching about the mayoral race in Buffalo either. I want Mayor Brown to do a good job for the whole city. That is my wish. I do think Mickey Kearns is right in that because he was challenged, Mayor Brown will be better. It is a commentary on the state of politics though that the republicans don’t care enough to field a candidate. Love him or hate him, I think Senator Schumer was spot on in 2004. He oversaw the national democratic party strategy and dictated that every district matters. It’s bad enough that the local party leaders annoint their candidates before primaries choking off money and steering support. These guys should realize that contributes to the voter hopelessness that keeps people home.

I’ve recently become infatuated with the British car show, “Top Gear.” It’s an absolute hoot and a few weeks ago, they had their season premiere. Not six weeks later, we have the season finale. The hell?? Who would have thought the BBC was full of teases? Six episodes, really? Between Top Gear and No Reservations, Monday was threatening to be a decent television night.


Locally, I think Pete Gallivan got the raw deal with all the hype surrounding John Beard’s return to local tv. The poobahs at Ch.2 might have called that putt a little early. Methinks Scott Levin should look over his shoulder. Personally, I’d be more impressed if Carol Jasen came back.

Trying to interest myself in the pennant races and it ain’t happening.

Sabres and Leafs soon. Both may stink this season, but for whatever reason, it’s fun when they get together.


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