The Incidental Tourist

Something about our places when they get a little less crowded is when they draw me toward them a little more. I regularly head to the marina for the same reason we all do, fresh air, being outside, the sound of the water coming in. With the weather starting to make its change, it’s getting little nippier in the after dinner hours rather quickly.




And the yacht that aroused some interest.


And the kingdom of the crystal skulls emerging from behind the condos


It’s fun to explore when you have the room. Now, that it is past Labor Day and the parking guards have gone back to NCCC, it might just be safe to head to Goat Island and the rest of the Falls for a journey. I remember seeing tourists running the ropes at the Skylon Tower for the elevator thinking they were making the last copter out of Hanoi. We have some good stuff here and I’m grateful for the visitors, but admit it, it’s kind of cool to be selfish once in awhile.