The Falls at Night

So, Jim and Pam rode the maid of the mist. Bully for them. It’s funny to me that the Office’s mock site of things to do in the area doesn’t list anything in Niagara Falls, NY, but that is probably a reflection of the stagnation in the american side for as long as I can remember. Continuing my theme on playing a little tourist when most have disappeared, a friend and I took a journey up last night and wandered in the off season fun.

Falls at night

I was foolishly under the impression that since it was after Labor Day and that the back end of Goat Island doesn’t charge for parking, that the front wouldn’t either. Oh, no, gentle reader, there is still a NCCC student happy to take your ten dollars. By the time it was evident, turning around wasn’t option, but whatever.

Water flowing like that does a good thing for your chakra. Good vibes to be found, despite the fact that the Panasonic Tower clock was flashing 51 degrees. A little breeze to go with that and it was friggin cold, but beautiful despite the chill. The fact that there was a few small pockets of idle tourists taking craptastic photos made it feel decidely more intimate that it really is. Really, trotting out the flash under a street light makes for a brightly lit foreground, but with the swirls of colors coming the canadian side, the picture could have been anyplace.

A fun sojourn. I recommend it, before the chill really takes hold.


One thought on “The Falls at Night

  1. I would much rather go to the American side than the Canadian side. Yeah, it’s not all built up and fancy .. and that is the point. It’s also a thousand times better for birding, which is definitely a good thing in my book…although that really doesn’t apply to your after-dark visit. 😉

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