Questionable fashion statements

and I’m not sure what this one was supposed to say.


Designed to honor what I can only imagine to be color blind commentator for Hockey Night in Canada, Don Cherry, a local OHA team decided to sport this little number recently for one of their games. Not quite sure if this was truly what they were hoping for, but what the hey. We all know the retros and throwbacks in all the sports leagues is just a money grab. I have an selection, but did you ever notice that winning teams and good products cure a lot of ills. You don’t see the Yankees sporting a third jersey now.


One Line on the Horizon

I first saw U2 in 1983 at Shea’s Buffalo. They were the first band to make the balcony shake, a reported 12 inches during the show. Been a fan ever since. The most recent record, No Line on the Horizon, I like, but don’t love. There are some great moments as well as some moments that make you wonder what they were thinking. That alone makes for an interesting juxtaposition. I heard a few recordings from this tour and they made me wonder if they weren’t going through the motions a little bit, but they seem to have found their footing and put this night from the Rose Bowl online. It’s a fun watch.

Oh, yeah…turn up the speakers a little bit.

Healthy business

Let me see if I got it straight. The Republican Party’s response to the current health care proposals in Congress is to oppose them, not to suggest, debate or create anything else, just oppose it. I have no trouble with disliking a proposed bill, that’s fine. That’s 15 flavors of cool, but the usual suspects weren’t specifying anything else, just their vile at what was out there.Hell, blind faith is anything is a bad idea, but geez, come up with something. The only thing more infuriating that the vast array of obfuscating knuckleheads being offered up by Fox, CNN and MSNBC are the petulant types in Congress who will only play their way, provided they can can figure out what that is. Hey Mitch McConnell? What don’t you like about the public option? Is there a flaw that we should know about or are you twisted that you didn’t think of it. I’m all for concepts but at least bring something to the table along with your distaste for the table. No less a figure as the mighty Bono (I know he can be annoying, but he was right) noted that the mood here has transcended from polarizing to hope and back to polarizing pretty quickly.

Thankfully, Harry Reid (Harry Reid?? the Casper the Friendly Ghost of Congress??) and others came up with a notion of the states deciding if the much vaunted public option was right for them. Lordd knows his bill isn’t perfect, but he rediscovered his backbone much to the consternation of a dozen moderate democrats who are busy taking up the do nothing mantle when it comes to this issue. I almost didn’t recognize Reid as it has been awhile since he has done, well, anything. The notion is actual responsible compromise. You can knock me over with the a feather. It’s like two sides got together and worked on something. That hasn’t been seen since Newt was running the show. I think my keyboard started to spark from writing that. But imagine, all the screeching about the states rights might actually get honored. Trouble is we aren’t out of the woods yet. Sen. Joe Lieberman who seems to stand for standing sake says the opt out creates a whole new level of entitlement. Scientists are dissecting that syntax back at the shop. Evan Byah wants to see costs. Fine, but if you are going to throw mud at the glass house have a concept or clue handy in case you get asked a question. For the love of god, don’t hide behind politics.

This could start a trend. MSNBC can quit campaigning for the President to be placed on Rushmore and Fox can quit building effigies. Maybe this can be a primer for other efforts. Actually listening to one another instead of trying out soundbytes.

A guy can dream.

Game Six

The 1986 New York Mets were so full of themselves, they could have franchised. They were a bunch of arrogant jerks and great ballplayers. They talked smack, battled personal demons, smoked in the dugout, were hated by pretty much the rest of the National League, but by god they were fun. In the case of Strawberry and Gooden, we didn’t learn till later how many demons they were battling, but that was a fun year to watch. For that I feel a little guilty, but I also watched them in 83, so fair is fair. To any Mets fan, “Game Six” is more than just a Seinfeld line. Back before the Red Sox were either sterioid cases of 07 or the “idiots” of 2004, they were the choke artists of 85. Game Six is when a season of promise for long suffering Met fans shifted from intense disappointment to a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic second chance.

It was inspirational, heart-warming and in the case of the below, downright weird.

I hope the creator has eventually moved out of his mom’s basement.

Oranges for sale

This smells like a serious cash grab. Somehow, magically, mystically, a group of seats from Memorial Auditorium has been made available for sale. I watched with interest as these prefabricated, hellaciously overpriced souvenirs were unveiled. I spent a lot of time in the oranges for a bunch of events and the seats never looked like those being trumpted on the local news the other night. The sellers say the armrests were too laden with asbestos damage to be sold to the public. Weren’t those asbestos laden arms connected to these seat backs?? Am I the only one that sees a bit of a flaw here??


Sorry, an official commemorative logo on the back side doesn’t do it for me, especially for $299. One of the forums on the news site had a good line about $2.99 not being a bad price, “but not over $5.00, that’s my final offer.” The armrests are now made from material recycled from the rest of the Aud, you know the place connected to the original asbestos laden arm rest. Not that stuff can’t be refurbished, mind you. The original Boston Garden scoreboard got a facelift and one side is now part of the lobby at the current Garden. To see a side of the Aud board in the Arena back when it opened up in 96 would made a nice tie-in, linking histories and whatnot. I’m thinking it would have been pretty cool decor for the Plaza, but I digress.

After shipping, a meer $324 can bring part of the aud into your den, or let’s face it, your attic as who is going to let that dominate a living room. You may like it, but if you are married to a Leafs fan, not so much. For me that rings sort of hollow. When the powers that be were knocking down the rockpile in the late 80s, it happened to be on my ride back to my apartment. I stopped one night and had a look. Given its location, not a whole of effort was put into security. So, I was able to walk right in. I took a seat back for myself and a friend. I can’t speak for my friend, but my seat back met with heavy trash pickup a long time ago. It’s not the same.

Considering that the most expensive ticket in the oranges I ever had was the $8.00 I parted with for Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band in 1980, the current amount seems a little ludicrous. It’s a piece of plastic of questionable health. It’s not this.


The vertigo inducing placement added to the mirth, the friendliness of the place & the fact that we all needed each other to avoid falling onto Don Edwards. I sat up there in the sweatbox of a Bruce Springsteen concern in 1984, thankful for the seatback for something to sort of hang on to. I know it’s good to raise funds for good causes and all. I just think they got it wrong but leaping into the overpriced realm of memorabilia economics. The seat in the first picture isn’t the one in this one.

Orange seats

And it shouldn’t be. Hell, I’m not so sure if sitting in that one was such a good idea. It’s the stuff that went on in front of it is what made it a good seat.

“Drunk and driving a motorized La-Z-Boy lounge chair is no way to go through life, son”

Courtesy of the Smoking gun.

Man Pleads To La-Z-Boy DWI
Minnesotan, 62, was arrested for drunkenly driving motorized lounger
OCTOBER 22–A Minnesota man arrested last year for drunkenly driving a motorized La-Z-Boy lounge chair pleaded guilty this week to a DWI charge. Dennis Anderson, 62, was nabbed after driving his chair into a parked car, according to a Proctor Police Department report. A subsequent blood draw showed Anderson’s blood alcohol content was .29, more than three times the legal limit. Anderson’s customized vehicle, seen in the police evidence photos on the following pages, is powered by an eight horsepower Kohler lawnmower engine, and has a stereo, headlights, a built-in cup holder, and a “Hell Yeah It’s Fast” bumper sticker. The ride, however, does not have a seat belt. Anderson, pictured above, controlled the La-Z-Boy via a steering wheel protruding from its seat cushion. The vehicle’s headrest was adorned with the logo of the National Hot Rod Association. Following his guilty plea, Anderson was sentenced to 180 days in jail and ordered to pay a $2000 fine. A judge stayed Anderson’s jail term in lieu of his successful completion of a two-year supervised probation term. His La-Z-Boy, which Proctor cops seized shortly after Anderson’s arrest, will soon be auctioned along with items forfeited by other perps.


“Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when the chair passes you”

The Yankees win!!

It’s funny what brings people together. I’ve been enjoying the playoffs once again and I am convinced of one truth. If the Yankees win, it would be the best thing to happen in baseball since the Red Sox in 2004. No sport I know holds its history like baseball and the iconic teams have always been that way. There are certain teams that just galvanize fans on both sides. My dad and I sat through some pretty awful Blue Jays games because it was the Yankees doing the pummeling. They’ve been off the big stage that a return is a good thing. It would cleanse the palate of all the steroid stuff.

I got a kick watching last night’s game. In the late innings, C.C. Sabbathia was cruising along so well, the camera panned the Angels bench and all the players had the look of “Dude, it ain’t happening tonight.” I like the way Sabbathia has adjusted to the rigors of pitching in New York. Hell, I like him because we have similar physiques.


Want to reignite a little interest in the national pastime? Watch merchandise sales and tv ratings with the Yankees in the big show. Jerry Seinfeld was right when he said we are all rooting for laundry, but the pinstripes are a better look, brings people together. My older sister bought me a Yankees fleece some years ago. Threw it on for the first time today without really thinking (I think it was both clean and on top). The cashier at Wegman’s asked me “if I caught the game last night?” It took me a minute to register what we were talking about. 2 more conversations in the parking lot on similar topics.

The Yankees need to take the whole thing…It would be good for baseball.