Upon further review,…

I want Congressman Alan Grayson to apologize too, for that spray can hairstyle. His comments on the House floor were hyperbolic, juvenile and tongue so removed from cheek thanks to an thoroughly uninspiring rant. But the uproar of the reaction conveniently glosses over the fact that our representatives on both sides are making soundbites instead of progress. Besides, I really didn’t need to meet the Congressman and his off-the-rack Sopranos wardrobe.

The response was a “breach of house decorum?” Please. The House hasn’t exactly been full of that lately.

It’s frustrating to see the bluster. I remember seeing an interview done after the election in 1960 with John Wayne. I don’t remember the interviewer. They were talking about the election and Wayne spoke of President Kennedy, “I didn’t vote for him, but I hope he does a good job.” The Duke was only slightly to the left of Attila the Hun but I have admiration for that line. He may have had voodoo dolls in private, but had the civility to state his assessment in such a way that the only fit response to that would be “Okay, fair enough.” They can call each other jerkasses behind closed doors, but jeez, let’s quit playing whose is bigger and work together.
That got me distracted from the story I meant to talk about: why the Yankees and Dodgers should be in the World Series this year and the Yankees should take it in Game 7 in the Bronx. I’m not sure if there is a game 7 to be played in the Bronx as I forgot who won the All-Star game. The reason that I forgot, if I ever knew, is that I’m a Mets fan. The Mets are the perfect baseball team for somebody who follows the Bills and Sabres. 2000 was their last series appearance and in the following years have successfully transplanted Ross Perot’s gigantic sucking sound to Flushing. The Mets got interesting to me when Keith Hernandez was traded there. Their exploits over the past few years have begun to try my patience. My dad and I used to make regular jaunts up the Queen E to see the Blue Jays play, but that never really took. I was glad for their World Series triumphs, but it occurs to me that we mostly went to them play the Yankees. That in and of itself was a palate cleanser for the Jays’ early years.

We took in a game in their first year that I still remember as it was just that bad. Playing an equally bad Oakland A’s club, the Jays allowed such oddities as a triple….off of a bunt. I think the last time I saw such an inept game, I was a rightfielder. I, at least, knew enough to take my rag arm to the stands where I could do no further harm.

Given the steroid scandals and how even the alledgedly lovable Red Sox might have gotten a little help, baseball needs a tonic, something to center itself. That’s why I want the Yankees to just push past everybody and I want the Dodgers to do likewise (if only so we get some highlights with Vin Scully at the call), but since they picked up Manny fate only brings them so far. That clash of the titans would reel back in casual fans, engage those of us stocking our fantasy hockey teams and demand attention. A Yankee win would be talked about. Hell, specials in that year round butcher shop would make the Food Network.

That would be good for baseball.