Opening Day

is tonight for the Sabres. It’s the one thing common in the major sports. It’s the one day where everybody has a clean slate. Sins of the previous year are forgiven and even fans of the Kansas City Royals and Pittsburgh Pirates can be allowed one moment of hope. Pn the ice, it can be a real tone setter. While last year’s Sabres were disappointing to the point of maddening, they started fast and threatened to be a lot more interesting than they eventually were, but hey, it’s October and you never know.

I’m not altogether certain what Larry Quinn was reviewing top to bottom, because the changes were tantamount to tinkering, but I like the story line of a Buffalo born kid, Tim Kennedy, getting a shot. I think it won’t/shouldn’t be too long before Nathan Gerbe is here on a regular basis. He plays smart and I think given a shot will mesh at the NHL level. Mike Grier is three years older but I’ll take em. Ever since Drury/Briere left, there has been a lack of “Daring to be great” from these guys and hopefully that will change for real, finally.

It’s been a long two years.

In other news, Rio got the 2016 Olympics and good for them. The games have never been to South America before despite the corporate money, you like to think world inclusion is sort of the point. I know not all Chicago residents were in love with the idea of the games coming there, because of issues and problems that must be addressed for daily life, but what boggles me is the amount of people I’ve heard who just wanted Chicago to be denied because of the President. What sort of allegiance is that? I don’t really understand the resentment. He was trying to take all of four hours in Copenhagen and take a shot on behalf of the country. All the leaders present were taking a chance to lobby for their nations. Isn’t that what they are supposed to do? It’s a terrible thing to root for failure just because he’s not of your party. That is a “lovely” partisian example to pass along.

But I digress, it’s opening night for the Sabres, stumbled across the Sopranos hockey jersey that I got Gil Perreault to sign during my tenure in the Adelphia Zone. Should probably frame that thing, makes me think of the really attractive usher at the Arena who wanted one and….well, I digress….


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