“Larry David, but with better hair”

Breaking in a new barber can be an interesting exercise, a follicle laden leap of faith. The one guy I’ve regularly gone to does one cut and one cut only. He does it very well, but I really didn’t need to sport the Auschwitz do with the weather getting colder. Also could have done without the franchise cut. I needed to get a cut for probably more than a week or so as I’ve had a couple of curls offering high fives to passers by. I didn’t to go the franchise route, and got back to my regular shop.
The Barber
This time tried the other guy — should I worry that he had no hair. That is probably an omen. Never saw him actually work before. Told what I needed and he set at it, coming the bulk of my hair into a wave that made me look like the fat baby who couldn’t health care. That was a temporary measure while he went about his work. It took awhile, but he did well.

It just took a bit to be sure where we were going. Acid test is how easily it came together the next day.

I made some kind of misery induced wise crack and the woman in the next chair gave me the compliment in this posting’s title.


2 thoughts on ““Larry David, but with better hair”

  1. That wave, my dear cousin, is The Fleming Curse. I am unsure I have ever seen anyone in our gene pool without it. No matter how short I cut my hair, a small part of bangs on the left side of my head always wants to do the William and Mildred Fleming Memorial Wave. Not enough product in the world, man. Poor mom has taken to trying to flat-iron hers out. Not even burning her hair between two sizzling plates of red-hot metal will flatten that shit out.

    We have no hope.

    Be glad that you do not have the Fleming women toes and hips to go aong with The Wave.

  2. Oh, I’m not complaining. I thought my previous cut wasn’t a great one. Better to have the Fleming hair than the largely fictional Powers hair

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