Hooray for Captain Spaulding

Like anybody who writes a blog, I follow links to who is reading me to see what interests them. I was looking over a recent posting on Notes from an Inquisitive Mind and am currently kicking myself a little for having missed a recent run of Marxism of the Groucho kind on Turner Classic Movies. I have a few of the DVDs, but there is a certainly indescribable joy to stumbling across any one of the jewels from the attack on Fredonia, the state room scene to the crumbling walls of Casablanca.

I caught the bug early. The cream of the Marx Brothers lexicon is almost 75 years old and while some things are admittedly dated, who wouldn’t want Groucho’s spot on wit, Harpo’s joy or even Chico’s one handed piano playing (although the Man did have a way with a malaprop.)

They used to show up on Ch. 7’s (remember them?) old “Movie for a Sunday Afternoon and I remember seeing “A Night at the Opera” for the first time and was instantly hooked.

Good Stuff


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