The Yankees win!!

It’s funny what brings people together. I’ve been enjoying the playoffs once again and I am convinced of one truth. If the Yankees win, it would be the best thing to happen in baseball since the Red Sox in 2004. No sport I know holds its history like baseball and the iconic teams have always been that way. There are certain teams that just galvanize fans on both sides. My dad and I sat through some pretty awful Blue Jays games because it was the Yankees doing the pummeling. They’ve been off the big stage that a return is a good thing. It would cleanse the palate of all the steroid stuff.

I got a kick watching last night’s game. In the late innings, C.C. Sabbathia was cruising along so well, the camera panned the Angels bench and all the players had the look of “Dude, it ain’t happening tonight.” I like the way Sabbathia has adjusted to the rigors of pitching in New York. Hell, I like him because we have similar physiques.


Want to reignite a little interest in the national pastime? Watch merchandise sales and tv ratings with the Yankees in the big show. Jerry Seinfeld was right when he said we are all rooting for laundry, but the pinstripes are a better look, brings people together. My older sister bought me a Yankees fleece some years ago. Threw it on for the first time today without really thinking (I think it was both clean and on top). The cashier at Wegman’s asked me “if I caught the game last night?” It took me a minute to register what we were talking about. 2 more conversations in the parking lot on similar topics.

The Yankees need to take the whole thing…It would be good for baseball.