One Line on the Horizon

I first saw U2 in 1983 at Shea’s Buffalo. They were the first band to make the balcony shake, a reported 12 inches during the show. Been a fan ever since. The most recent record, No Line on the Horizon, I like, but don’t love. There are some great moments as well as some moments that make you wonder what they were thinking. That alone makes for an interesting juxtaposition. I heard a few recordings from this tour and they made me wonder if they weren’t going through the motions a little bit, but they seem to have found their footing and put this night from the Rose Bowl online. It’s a fun watch.

Oh, yeah…turn up the speakers a little bit.


Healthy business

Let me see if I got it straight. The Republican Party’s response to the current health care proposals in Congress is to oppose them, not to suggest, debate or create anything else, just oppose it. I have no trouble with disliking a proposed bill, that’s fine. That’s 15 flavors of cool, but the usual suspects weren’t specifying anything else, just their vile at what was out there.Hell, blind faith is anything is a bad idea, but geez, come up with something. The only thing more infuriating that the vast array of obfuscating knuckleheads being offered up by Fox, CNN and MSNBC are the petulant types in Congress who will only play their way, provided they can can figure out what that is. Hey Mitch McConnell? What don’t you like about the public option? Is there a flaw that we should know about or are you twisted that you didn’t think of it. I’m all for concepts but at least bring something to the table along with your distaste for the table. No less a figure as the mighty Bono (I know he can be annoying, but he was right) noted that the mood here has transcended from polarizing to hope and back to polarizing pretty quickly.

Thankfully, Harry Reid (Harry Reid?? the Casper the Friendly Ghost of Congress??) and others came up with a notion of the states deciding if the much vaunted public option was right for them. Lordd knows his bill isn’t perfect, but he rediscovered his backbone much to the consternation of a dozen moderate democrats who are busy taking up the do nothing mantle when it comes to this issue. I almost didn’t recognize Reid as it has been awhile since he has done, well, anything. The notion is actual responsible compromise. You can knock me over with the a feather. It’s like two sides got together and worked on something. That hasn’t been seen since Newt was running the show. I think my keyboard started to spark from writing that. But imagine, all the screeching about the states rights might actually get honored. Trouble is we aren’t out of the woods yet. Sen. Joe Lieberman who seems to stand for standing sake says the opt out creates a whole new level of entitlement. Scientists are dissecting that syntax back at the shop. Evan Byah wants to see costs. Fine, but if you are going to throw mud at the glass house have a concept or clue handy in case you get asked a question. For the love of god, don’t hide behind politics.

This could start a trend. MSNBC can quit campaigning for the President to be placed on Rushmore and Fox can quit building effigies. Maybe this can be a primer for other efforts. Actually listening to one another instead of trying out soundbytes.

A guy can dream.