This debate is making me sick

The healthcare slap fight in Congress has left this particular voter confused. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Both sides are at fault. It feels like the democrats are desperate to get a bill passed, any bill passed. Congressional republicans want to fight that, basically crapping on any idea that has any democratic juice spilled on it, as well as not bothering to come up with any of their own. For every glimmer of common sense, Boechner, Pelosi, et. al. reveal how truly pointlessly adversarial the whole concept has become.

I have colleagues lamenting the recently passed house bill as the dearth of our fiscal system. Never mind none of us have seen, had a representative talk to us about, seen a thoughtful column written about it. Everybody is in reelection bluster, sounds like Albany. It seemed to me that the reform is in making things affordable for businesses and individuals and that isn’t getting looked at anywhere. Using my summer of 08 as a model, it wasn’t the actual workers, the medical professionals that were of any problem. It’s all the paperwork and administration that made the costs jump.

It took a year of battling two insurance carriers to resolve who is paying or should be paying for my kids health care. When I spent the summer of 2008 coping with Bells’ Palsy, the doctors couldn’t have been finer. Did it really cost $1800 dollars to run the MRI machine for my follow up? If it really does, shouldn’t we be worried more about making things like that more cost effective. That would make insurance easier on employers. One carrier abandoned my employer because we weren’t enough volume for them. Fair enough, stuff happens. That’s a valid point in this here marketplace, but I can’t past the fact that we are fighting about the wrong things….again


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