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Well, not really, but a Facebook note that I wrote about Memorial Auditorium’s deconstruction which lead to a rambling blog entry here was chopped up and incorporated into Aud-ieu:Buffalo Says Goodbye to the Aud. Through historical photos and current ones of the tear-down, my piece is culled from in four different sections. The book comes out next week, but you can see it online at:


It’s the book in digital, page turning form. The original blog entry, which got my little enterprise started, can be found here: https://mikespub.wordpress.com/2009/03/27/deconstruction-of-the-buffalo-memorial-auditorium.

If you want ordering information on Aud-ieu itself, look over at: http://www.buffaloheritage.com/audieu.html. It was put together by the original Aud broad herself and is a nice look at times gone by.
Appearing in the index four times is a nice ego boost headed into the weekend.
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  1. December 3, 2009 at 9:56p

    Congratulations! And I’m glad the book is finally going to be available!

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