Off to work in the snow

This might be the best way to get down Delaware Ave. this morning.

Thankfully, I got my first snow day in some time so I can confine my goofing around on the computer to my home computer today. It’s a bad storm, especially for the southern tier, but we’ve also had a lot worse. The amount of carping about it cracks me up. I personally want to distribute to the local weatherfolk as they have been particularly amped up about this. Yeah, it’s cold and I’m relieved that none of my guys are trying to catch buses in this wind, but the amount of hot air being exercised on facebook status updates is pretty hysterical. Sure, we’ve done tougher storms without an issue. Personally, I’m grateful we aren’t in a scenario where we have to.

Me, I’m making coffee, catching up on laundry and important tv watching, and maybe buying one of these instead.


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