Stormy Weather

Read nothing but bitching in one form or another yesterday. “We had tougher storms and still went to work/school/whatever.” Yes, we have and I think my point was be glad you didn’t have to be out yesterday. As I write this now, it is 16 degrees outside and not much warmer in my office, but watching the wind & snow have at it yesterday, I was glad the kids got the day off and didn’t have be chasing buses and their mom got the day too.

The topper for me was getting the phone call a little before 7:00 a.m. that I got a day too. Somehow I stopped caring that I couldn’t see across Delaware Ave.

Yeah, sure we’ve battled bigger storms, but I’m glad we didn’t have toas by last night it was just cold. I still remember that if it wasn’t for a parent teacher conference my little brood would have stranding in at least three different locations during that freak storm of Thanksgiving Week in 2000. Last night, I had to pick up a daughter from a friends house, disturbing my car from the nice warm garage. It broke up a heavy day of reading, coffee drinking, laundry and way to much time on the internet, (but if you are a Star Trek fan, spending 8.00 for the Best of Trek volume one is a great purchase). Got a slight thrill driving my unspoiled car past snow mounds that had cars at their bottoms. It was real easy to find mine in the Wegmans parking lot when I made a quick stop on the way home.

I’ll leave you with this one thought: the person who invented the “necksock” for Columbia outerwear is a frickin genius and deserves a better cut of whatever royalties they are currently receiving.