A Snuggie is just a robe on backwards…

but with the robe, you get a belt. Took my first sick day in a year and half today. I thought it could be avoided by going to be early last night and getting 12 hours in. No such luck, my mom used to say you’ll feel better after you get up and moving. That feeling never came. My sick call must have sounded a little like Harvey Fierstein made the call, but whatever.

Gave me a chance to collapse in front of the television for some creative napping. Caught one of the better episodes of the West Wing and a few episodes of Anthony Bourdain’s show along with a few moments from Hogan’s Heroes. That was being shown on an HD channel, and that gave rise to technical question worthy of some of my former cable tv colleagues. How can a show that was filmed 40 years ago be broadcast in HD? Isn’t the remastering just a cleaned up version of the original low def.

The ubiquitous snuggie ad popped up a couple of times. The gaggle of snuggie wearers in the ad at the sports event looked like a cult, give them some cool ads and away we go. Anybody notice that the Santa on the Norelco razor has yet to appear. Its ads like that are true signs of the holidays.

Time to take a little more medicine, see what that reveals