The Snow

Big storm pummeled the east coast over the past 24 hours. From Carolina through New England, there are multiple feet of snow fallen, power off, and the Lord of the Flies being reenacted in airports from National to Logan. I remember my then wife and I shoveling four feet of snow that fell one Sunday afternoon and we made it to where we needed to be the next day. While I’m glad we could do it, and can pull it off still, I’m in no particular hurry to do it again.

I’m neither entranced or revulsed by the snow. It’s part of the four seasons and that is pretty great. All of those folks who get doey eyed at snow fall will wither in number once we safely make to Saturday. I was amazed to read a few facebook postings last night asking for our “Share,” like we are missing out on something. Because we don’t have snow at the moment, somehow we are losing a step so the muddleheaded logic goes. Again, I don’t mind the snow,  what I’m advocating is patience. We ALWAYS get our fair share and then some. Kick back and watch the national media focus on the people stranded in major east coast airports and enjoy the fact that a storm from Buffalo didn’t cause that.

It’s nice seeing the cameras pointed at other peoples’ drifts. We’ll get ours and I’ll see you for a ride down Shakespeare Hil 🙂