Six Day Weekend

as off to a grand start last night. I secured a copy of Something Something Dark Side, the latest Family Guy Star Wars parody. I thought we’d see it on tv first like last year’s but no, as the producers opted for the quick buck and the ability to curse. For every real inspired bit, we got an f-bomb. I don’t really care that much about that stuff, being a fan of George Carlin and the occasional dropper of same, but the writers were taking the easy way out and it came out like a 12 year old learning to cuss for the first time. Ah, well, can’t all be winners I guess.

Bring on the yule, I got presents for my kids mostly squared away (and wrapped even), did the laundry, and even baked. Yeah it was a frozen pie, but none of that supermarket frozen food section stuff, this was the real buckaroo from the lovely folks from Becker Farms, courtesy of one of my incredibly fabulous coworkers. Knowing there was a body doing the actual assemblage instead of a machine gave the apartment just the right scent.

After mostly beating back one of the worst colds in recent memory, I don’t know if I can handle the full on 3-D of “Avatar,” but I think number one son and I might be joined by his grandpa, three generations of sci-fi- geeks. Should be a hoot. That is how you mark Boxing Day.

According to the email from the Itunes store, the Who have a new greatest hits collection out. Shouldn’t there be a moratorium on that? When the anthologies outnumber the original releases, ya’ know.

It’s the second christmas since my Dad-in-law passes and my mom-in-law asked if I would do the carving honors on Friday — that was his big thing. Felt myself gulp a little while she was asking. It reminded me a bit of the scene from the West Wing when the President was explaining why he was sending his assistant to carving knife stores.

Fearless employer gave out grocery store gift cards this week and I had a grand time cruising the isles getting name brand stuff. There is something decidely liberating about that.

Caught Elvis Costello’s talk show Spectacle on the CTV last week. He and the Imposters had Bono and the Edge on, the performances were a lot of fun.

Finally have something resembling my own speaking voice back after dealing with a really bad cold that as it morphed gave me a pretty good jazz dj voice.

Today was day one of a six day weekend. And the best is that everybody will be kind of quiet next week. And it will be a three day week. How cool is that>

Happy Holidays