Snowy Exhibition Games

3 Jan

I am so glad I don’t usher anymore.

As I write this, it is 10 degrees outside and lake effecting all over Delaware Ave. The Bills are finishing up a miserable season against the Indianapolis Colts who will go deep in the playoffs, so much so that today doesn’t matter for them. It matters so little that the Colts Coach Jim Caldwell pulled most of his starters last week during a loss to the Jets, when they were winning at the time. The Colts were undefeated till then. If I’m a Colts player, fan or semi-interested bystander, that still wrankles me. I’m none of those things, but even still the coach muffed the call. A perfect regular season, a potential Super Bowl run and you can one up Bill Bellichick in the annals of NFL history. NFL Countdown is on in the other room and Chris Berman just finished summing up the game by saying there is a chance that if the Jets win, and take their first playoff game, they could meet up with the Colts once more.

Anyhow, I’m just glad I’m looking at it from the comfort of my living room, as today’s game at the Ralph will be the equivalent of a pre-season game for the Colts and speculation that Terrell Owens had his Buffalo residence packed during last week’s Atlanta game. Watch the Bills fool around and win against the Colts’ JV squad just to tease us all a little more.

The Bills go out of our misery while our new GM, Hank Hill’s Dad, gets to work and if you hear a sound, it will be the mass clicking of WNY television sets to the 3:00 p.m. Sabres game.


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