Snow is a four letter word

My inner crumudgeon is showing. We had a heavy snow fall, which is no big deal. We get them every year, and the snow is fine. Never had an issue with it as it is a fact of life living in this region. I do think the Weather Channel might be better served by going some place where this is news as opposed to the skulking around they’ve been doing in regions south of the city.

I still chuckle remembering my mom telling the 12 year old version of me that perhaps I should help my father with the driveway. In all seriousness, I was able to reply that I was and I went back to watching tv. I knew that my Dad liked fewer targets when running the snowblower.

Like I said, I have no snow issues. It’s the effect it has on some folk that is troubling. I think it should be a ticketable offense if you can’t be bothered to clean the snowdrift off your car without the aid of your gas pedal.

The false bravado that creeps up in here strikes me funny as well. When that huge storm blew through the East Coast, there were a number of Western New York based facebook posts that lamented “Where’s Ours?” like we got gyped out of the power failures, traffic accidents and school closings. Personally, I was happy to sit that one out. I know we can handle it, we have before and will again. Witness nothing get cancelled on this first full work day of the new year. A few folks were pining for snow days, but it’s good that everybody was rolling

We got our cold and snow and I read about some moron who took three kids to the Bills game only to pass out in a snowbank because he’s a “such a fan”. Bet the kids had a great time standing next to the snowbank wondering what happened.

Trouble with this is that now that the holidays are behind us, it’s not a White Christmas, just snow. It has some novelty at the moment, but right now it looks nice outside my office window. The Park is nice and unspoiled, but that is a transitory state. It’s beautiful, but the beauty tends to make some folks a little myopic.

It was fun to watch the Bills play in it yesterday as the snow on tv made the pros look like a pickup game. It was not so fun to look at my windows facing Delaware and see them iced over.

Going to go tubing sometime because that is cool,and have some other outdoors exploration planned, but please unless you are Bing Crosby or Andy Williams, don’t use phrases like “Winter Wonderland.” You sound like an idiot.

Me? I want to hit the tobaggan shoots, but I also want to be able to see beyond the snow storm coming off the top of your car.


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